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Our role is to make your research easier for a lightning protection installation.

Claire Guenault
Sales Manager

Romain Delabarre
Technical Manager

Thunderstorm nearby

On your smartphone/tablet, receive notification when you are in a potentially dangerous area (within a radius of more than 50kms around.

Access to the product

This space has been designed for the analysis of lightning protection projects.

By using LPS France® you are certain that this study will be carried out according to the standards in force (NF - C 17 100, NF - C 17 102, IEC 62 305, UTE 15 - 443).

Study, design, manufacturing, production, expertise, training, LPS France® is a reactive and competent structure on a human scale that offers you to control your lightning protection operations (lightning conductors, surge arresters, earthing ...).

Thanks to a single contact policy, LPS France® is your trusted operator for the entire decision-making and operational process of your lightning protection installation project.

This global offer is reinforced by our international presence through approved installers and distributors. Prior to its implementation, a lightning protection system must be the subject of a thorough study. Our project form is at your disposal to consult our services by bringing all the necessary information to the study of your protection against lightning.

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