Alert@ir XT

Paratonnerre fabriqué en france

Fitted on a grounding conductor of a lightning protection, the Alert@ir®XT system sends an in-real-time warning by internet during a lightning strike.

If one of your installations is struck by lightning, you immediately receive a warning. The intensity level of the lightning strike is indicated on a scale from 1 to 3. It is thus possible to know which type of checking is necessary, the intervention urgency level and to organize the maintenance operation in order to preserve the protected structures.

The NFC 17-102 standard imposes a check of your lightning protection installation each time the protected structure is struck by lightning (art. 8.2). This measure aims at ensuring the efficiency of your protection installation without any interruption. For this reason, simply receiving a lightning strike warning must leads you to check the integrity and the good working order of your product on the server.

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