Digital Lightning Strike Counter

The digital lightning strike Counter called Compt@ir®. Each stroke of lightning is recorded during its passage by incrementing a unit (rightmost digit).

Placed on a lightning current down conductor of a Lightning Protection Outdoor Facility (LPOF), the lightning counter is used to display the total of lightning strikes that have struck the IEPF.

Regular observation of the display is necessary for a good follow-up of the installation. The lightning counter is essential for the good maintenance of the LPOF (see NFC 17-102: a check will be made after each lightning strike).

This regular check requires no movement with the Contact@ir® + Rout@ir® option. Even better, you will be informed in real time of any lightning event.

Waterproof (IP65), robust and reliable, it runs without any power supply and records positive or negative lightning strikes.

It is positioned and works on all types of existing conductors (flat, round, …) thanks to its universal fasteners. Compt@ir® lightning counters comply with current standards (NFC 17-102, NF EN 50164-6).

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